About Us (EN)

Welcome to our little micro world, we are two Italian sisters and we love to make bricolage since early childhood with passion and fun. We are fascinated by “the world in miniature”, we love to create objects in a small scale, especially for dollhouses and antique shops using also recycled materials in common use.

We have always been passionate about all kinds od crafts, experimenting with various techniques and materials. But when we discovered how engaging is building miniature rooms and objects, a new dimension has been opened for us to discover and explore.

We started about 15 years ago with modeling salt dough, it is very easy to use but when it is dry it becomes very fragile and sensible to humidity and requires a careful preservation.
So some time after we decided to switch to “corn dough”, which is much more malleable in modeling and shaping, the paste is easy to color and it is quite strong and durables.

With this material we started to create little reproductions of fruit and vegetables and small decorative items that will be placed in the dollhouses or in the miniature reconstructions of shops.

All the dollhouses we built come from periodic insert collection magazines which includes the structure, basic furnishings and some decorations. After we finished buying all items (some last up to 1 year) we start to assembled, furnish and personalized its, adding them bought items and small objects created by us with bricolage.  

The old style stores are often created entirely by hand from us, first we build a wood structure with small panels of wood or with clay bricks purchased, then we furnish with purchased bought or handmade furniture also made from sheets of balsa wood.

We also create with tissue, wood and natural materials like pine cones, acorns, dried branches, Ears of corn and berries.

The use of many common materials allows us cost savings, both in the decoration and in the creation of structures.

Creation and transformation are the key words that best sum up our hobby.

Frequently these houses require high costs due to the difficult availability of items in small scale or in the difficulty to manufacture items such as glass and metals, the handmade creations and the reuse of common objects allows us to obtain realistic objects and the same time cheap.

We don’t have a commercial purpose, for us this  is a hobby only to relax and have fun.

Realize small spaces, and miniature objects allows us to create or recreate in miniature dream places and endless fantasies.
Recently we were invited to participate in some local expositions, achieving great satisfaction from us in showing our small works and appreciation by the public.